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KO Dinan BMW Supercharger Stage II Boost Kit Update 340 rwhp! - 5/05
  KO Performance generates 340 Rear Wheel Horsepower from our Dinan BMW Supercharger Stage II Boost Kit - 5/2005

Dinan BMW Supercharger Stage II Boost Kit from KO Performance generates 340 rwhp!

May 7, 2005

KO Performance
successfuly generated 340 rear wheel horsepower from our KO Dinan BMW Supercharger Stage II Boost Kit for E36 BMW M3s, on a recent dyno test wowing the mechanics at the dyno.

Jim Nolden, KO Midwest Sales Manager, and resident BMW Supercharger Specialist, conceived the original version of the kit (see first press release here), and has masterminded this significant improvement and step up in performance as well.

"The results seem almost unbelievable. I was pulling 306 whp/ 267 ft lbs of torque with 9.5 lbs of boost before the new upgrades. After the KO M50 Conversion my hp went to 338.2 whp and 282 ft lbs of torque. This was the only modification I did to the car since the last dyno. My boost has gone down slightly since the modification and I am now pulling about a pound less of boost at 8.5 with this power. My AFR's look really good on stock Dinan software."

  Jim Nolden
Midwest Sales Manager, BMW Supercharger Specialist
KO Performance
BMW CCA Member and
Group 3 Advanced Driver

Jim continues...

"I was so happy to see this number with this modification. I seriously was shocked to see it make such a significant difference. This explains my recent results at the track and how I was able to pace Porsche GT3's. The conditions were almost identical to the last dyno I had done. The ambient was 80 degrees in the facility with 14% humidity."

These gains were obtained usig the latest revision of the KO Dinan and Vortech BMW Supercharger Stage II Boost Kit, using the stock Dinan software, with the addition of the KO M50 Conversion Kit.

"We were seeing about a 12" flame ball come out of the pipe when the dyno operator would lift on my car. All the mechanics were sitting around to watch that one, it was pretty cool. Now I have seen what people behind me on the track see."

The car has been driven on the track at Road America for about 1,200 miles under the most grueling conditions and done incredibly well. The car keeps up with Porsche GT3's and is very close to Corvette Z06's on the track. This is after 30 minute sessions where the car is between 4 and 6,700 rpm all the time. The car has been tracked like this now for 4 years and has not had any problems.

The philosophy behind this kit was to build a car that would work on the track and still be a civilized daily driver. The problem with supercharged cars is that they do not always make good track cars since they tend to heat soak. We built the kit with the idea of having something that would increase performance and at the same time also be reliable on the track. It has been to several track events now and it is definitely doing all of the things we set out to design it to do.

"The last event I went to with the PCA club of Milwaukee it was holding its own with Porsche GT3’s and Corvette Z06’s which is what my target really was. The great news is it held its own and proved to me consistently quick not suffering from the loses one normally sees with supercharged cars on the track."

The KO Stage II Supercharger Boost kit is based upon a Dinan Supercharger kit that has had the boost increased by 2lbs over stock along with a water alcohol injection system and oil cooler. We also have engineered out some of the trouble spots with the Dinan kit. We have utilized a great deal of our vendors for these parts to come up with a kit that is reliable and a large improvement over the stock Dinan kit. Some of our vendors for this kit include:

Active Autowerke
UUC Motorwerks
Victory Product Design

This car will be seeing other significant upgrades in time for Jim's next track event, July 14 and 15th, 2005 at Road America Race Track ( in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin.

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Skillful Group 3 Advanced Driver, Jim Nolden keeps the Corvette at bay
Jim Nolden ahead of a Corvette Z06

340 Rear Wheel Horsepower on the dynojet!
The KO Track Car on the Dynograph

Making cornering look easy!
340 rear wheel hp skillfully driven

340 Rear Wheel Horsepower Dynograph
340 Rear Wheel HP Dynograph!