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KO Stage II Boost Kit for Dinan BMW Superchargers Debuts at Road America 9/04
  KO Performance Sponsors the Badger Bimmers BMW CCA Track Event at Road America, and debuts the KO Stage II Boost Kit for Dinan BMW Superchargers - 9/2004

Jim Nolden's KO Track Car... 306 rwhp in a 1997 4dr M3

September 25-26, 2004

KO Performance
was proud to be the BMW performance parts and tuning sponsor of the Badger Bimmers BMW CCA ( track event at Road America Race Track ( in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin.

This year's event was a huge success, and is consistently one of the entire Midwest Region's largest BMW enthusiast events drawing BMW drivers from Madison, Chicago, Indiana, and farther away for spirited track sessions in four classes.

KO Sales Manager, and BMW CCA member, Jim Nolden, was at Road America representing KO Performance, and racing our BMW M3 Supercharged 1997 E36 Saloon Track Car, where we debuted our proprietary KO Stage II Boost Kit for Dinan and ESS BMW Superchargers for the first time under track driving conditions.

A skilled driver, with lots of experience at Road America, Jim Nolden put a beating on the new boost kit, and it beat back!

"I broke a personal best at the track with a 2:36 at Road America. 5 whole seconds better than my previous best. What a blast! The boost kit performed flawlessly. The car made more HP than I have ever seen before. I was seeing another 10mph at the end of the straights with this kit on the car. The people with E46 M3s just watched as I passed them. There were so many people coming up to look under the hood of the car. It was definitely one of the fastest cars in Group 3 Advanced Drivers."

  Jim Nolden
Sales Manager
KO Performance
BMW CCA Member and
Group 3 Advanced Driver

A big step for KO, the success of our first originally designed product was exhilirating both on the track and off, as the other BMW CCA drivers at the event saw first hand how an older vehicle running boost as low as 8.5 lbs. could outperform all but the purely dedicated track cars. Our car consistenly and competently ran with Porsche GT3 Cup cars, Ferrari 355s, and 3.2L Euro Motor Race M3s.

"Our goal with this kit was to achieve a level of performance that would be a threat on the track, and be reliable, and cost effective enough for the street. We achieved that goal and then some!"

  John Paul Komasinski
Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer
KO Performance

The Badger Bimmers BMW CCA members ended the event with an awards banquet, where KO gift certificates were raffled off to the members in attendance. Five gift certificates were awarded to some very happy, soon to be KO customers.

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KO Track car, driven by Jim Nolden showing the Porsche how it's done!
Jim Nolden ahead of a Porche GT3 Cup Car

Road America's famed Turn 5
Boosting Out of Turn 5 at Road America

1997 E36 M3 Saloon Track Car... squatting low in a corner
306 rear wheel hp skillfully driven

306 rear wheel horsepower on the dynojet
The KO Track Car on the Dynograph