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KO Performance Vortech Stage II Boost Kit for Dinan and ESS BMW Superchargers

KO Performance Vortech Stage II Boost Kit for Dinan and ESS BMW Superchargers - 8.5-9 lbs. Boost Kit

KO Performance Vortech Stage II Boost Kit for Dinan and ESS BMW Superchargers
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Kit shown above with optional KO Performance Underdrive Pulleys
and Boost Guage
306 rwhp with Stage II at 8.5 lbs. Boost!
If you already have a BMW supercharger in your E36 and find yourself wanting even more power from your Vortech supercharged BMW, KO Performance has the solution for you.

Through careful research, design, and testing, KO Performance has designed a Vortech BMW Supercharger Stage II Boost Kit capable of producing more HP from your supercharged BMW without making any modifications to your motor. Safely.

Our goals in development were to create a BMW supercharger boost kit that would provide a sizeable amount of horsepower gains, using safe boost levels, paying special attention to heat issues, while maintaining affordability and allowing for street, or track applications.

We are proud to say, we have met that goal.
KO Performance designed the Vortech BMW Supercharger Stage II Boost Kit to allow you to run 9 to 11 lbs. of boost, producing as much as 50 additional whp for your BMW. The kit comes complete with everything you need, all boxed together and ready to install.

Stage II 8.5 to 9 lbs. of boost kit:
  • water/alcohol injection kit
  • KO Performance 6" custom crank pulley, also sold separately. Handcrafted from T6061 aluminum, with attention to detail and high polish finish.
  • BMW supercharger pulley
  • thermoplastic intake
  • properly sized belt
  • and all hardware needed
Custom KO 6" Crank Pulley - high polish!
This kit does not require any additional software updates from your base Dinan BMW supercharger, or ESS BMW superchager kit and will make approixmately 305 whp. For even more power, try our 11 lbs. Boost Kit.

Below follows some of the "why?" behind this kit, as KO Performance believes that educated shoppers become satisfied customers. Please email us with any questions about this kit, and our resident, in house, BMW supercharger expert will be happy to answer your inquiries.
The KO Track Car on the Dyno for this kit
  1. Heat is the enemy: Vortech kits don't come with any cooling systems of any kind. Under normal driving conditions and reduced boost they will run fine, but when you push the car, drive in warm ambient temperatures, or even sit in traffic, your BMW supercharger is generating heat that the car can't get rid of. The result is a condition called heat soak. When a supercharged car reaches heat soak the onboard computers will set spark and timing back to protect the motor and avoid misfires and improper detonation. The result is that your car can loose as much as 50 to 60 hp because of heat soak. Your car needs a proper mixture of air and fuel to ensure proper combustion. When the car gets to hot, the air in the engine bay, and the engine itself, contains less oxygen, and the less oxygen available to your car, the less power it makes. The unfortunate part is that driving more is not going to help the situation, and the car will lose much of the power it gained from having a supercharger in the first place due to these effects.

    The fix: KO Performance looked at several ways to fix this issue. The first and most common fix would be to install a front mounted intercooler. The problem with this solution is that air to air intercoolers for BMWs are very difficult to fit inside the engine bay, with the extensive piping that would be required in the car with very limited space. The second alternative is an air to water intercooler. These fit more easily but can be cost prohibitive and difficult to install. Is there a solution that is easy to install and costs less? YES.

    KO Performance addresses the heat issues by installing a water/alcohol injection system. This system looks like a stock piece that sits in the trunk of your car and is able to spray a water and alcohol combination at the correct boost reading to properly reduce the air intake temperatures coming from the supercharger, and cool the engine. The result is a car that will continue to make higher amounts of power, reach heat soak in more extreme conditions, and even under a heat soaked condition, allow timing and spark to be advanced again resulting in more lost power returning to the engine. Another big benefit is that you can get an octane boost from injecting alcohol in the intake manifold. What results is a supercharged car that has cooling at about a 1/3rd of the price of other solutions, without the hours of labor, and cost of installing an air to air intercooler or an air to water aftercooler.

    Does this make more power in the motor? The answer to this question is yes and no. Adding water injection alone will not add more power to your car, but it will allow you to not lose as much power as a result of being in a heat soaked condition. The next added benefit of having cooling is now you can safely add additional boost to your car. More boost will mean more power for your car.

  2. How do I make more power? KO produces more power on your car by adding a larger crank pulley and different size supercharger pulleys. Most Dinan and ESS cars make between 6 and 7 lbs of boost. This is what the car is tuned to, based on the fact that there is no cooling and this is deemed safe by the manufacturers. In all respect they are protecting your investment, and to keep the cost of the kit down they don't offer any cooling solutions for the car. But now that we have added proper cooling through the water/alcohol injection we can safely apply more boost. Typical BMW supercharged M3 Dinan and ESS cars will dyno at about 260 whp. By changing out the pulleys we can achieve any level of boost desired by the customer. KO Performance has designed this kit to be offered in two versions depending on how much horsepower you want.
KO Performance offers the following additional options which compliment the KO Performance Vortech BMW Supercharger Stage II Boost Kit for Dinan and ESS Vortech Supercharged BMWs:

Oil Cooler Kit -

As stated before, heat is the engine's worst enemy, and keeping your oil cool is important in the battle against heat. KO Performance suggests installing an oil cooler on your car, especially when running a BMW supercharger. The Vortech supercharger uses the engines oil to cool the blower. This results in higher oil temps for your engine oil and can subsequently result in the break down of your motor oil and its protective properties. We have teamed with Victory Product Design to offer a Forced Induction Oil Cooler. The Forced Induction Oil Cooler will substantially lower your oil temperatures and keep them in the "safe" operating temperatures they are designed to provide their maximum engine protection in. We see typical reductions in oil temps as much as 30 degrees with the addition of this oil cooler. An oil cooler is not necessary, but it is cheap insurance for the lifeblood of your motor.

KO Performance Underdrive Pulleys -

When you are installing your crank pulley, it is a great time to take advantage of your mechanic's time and obtain additional horsepower that is being wasted. The use of our underdrive pulleys will allow you to safely run your power steering pump and water pump and free up horsepower by the use of lighter, smaller pulleys.

Boost Guage -

If you don't have a boost gauge this is a good time to add one. A boost gauge will tell you how much boost your car is making, and more importantly, if it is not making boost. Boost gauges are a good safeguard and will tell you if your vacuum and boost are working as they should.

UUC Motorwerks Stage 2 Light-Weight Flywheel and M5 Clutch -

Now that you've decided to beef up your power, you may want to consider a better way to transfer it to your rear wheels. The UUC Stg. 2 Lt. Weight Flywheel and M5 clutch combo is the perfect compliment to a BMW supercharger kit, as its sprung HUB design reduces chatter common in other Lt. Wt. Flywheel upgrades, as well as reducing rotational inertia in your flywheel, which translates into quicker acceleration.

Disclaimer: Adjusting BMW supercharger boost levels beyond what your manufacturer designed the system to operate at will usually void any existing warranties. The customer and end user acknowledge this, and understand its ramifications, accepting responsibility for any and all alterations and those alterations outcomes for their vehicle, and its warranties, as well as the BMW supercharger manufacturer's warranties. KO Performance will not sell components of these kits to our customers. We have tested and tried these kits and know that they safely produce horsepower and operate at the proper air fuel ratios. Anytime you add additional boost you take the risk that you may be harming the car. The customer acknowledges this, as well as that any time more horsepower is generated in an engine, it will naturally deteriorate faster and normal wear and tear times will be reduced in most cases. With water/alcohol injection you need to monitor the level of water/alcohol in the tank and properly maintain the correct level and mixture to insure that you are cooling the car as intended. KO Performance accepts no responsibility for the improper installation, modification or maintenance of the parts of these kits.

KO Stage II Boost installed in a 98 M3

Installs clean with a small footprint!

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