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KO BMW Supercharger Stage III Kit Featured in Bimmer Mag. - 400 RWHP! - 4/06
  Bimmer Magazine May 2006 Issue Featured Article "Hammer of the Gods" Unveils for the first time to the general public KO's Stage III Vortech platform BMW Supercharger kit at 400 rear wheel horse power! - 4/2006

Bimmer Magazine Featured Article - Hammer of the Gods - Unveilds KO Performance Stage III M3 Supercharger kit at 400 rear wheel hp!

April 1, 2006

KO Performance's
1997 E36 BMW M3 Vortech / Dinan platform based Stage III Supercharger kit was featured in May 2006's Bimmer Magazine article aptly named "Hammer of the Gods" unveiling for the first time to the general public our 400 rear wheel horsepower BMW supercar!

Jim Nolden, KO Midwest Sales Manager, and resident BMW Supercharger Specialist, conceived the original version of the kit (see first press release here), and continues to proceed, like a mad scientist, into previously unchartered territory and performance unheard of in a BMW supercharger platform. The KO Stage III Kit is our latest kit offering in this horsepower orgy of speed, handling and performance.

But you don't have to take our word for it! Read what Bimmer Magazine article author and test driver Erik Eikenberry had to say about our car, BEFORE the last software revision pushed us over 400 rwhp! (read the Bimmer Magazine article here)

more info coming soon!

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Bimmer Magazine May 2006 Featured Article "Hammer of the Gods" unveils KO's E36 M3 Stage III Supercharger Boost Kit!
Bimmer May 2006 Feature "Hammer of the Gods" -
KO's E36 M3 Stage III
Supercharger Kit unveiled to the
public at 400 RWHP! more info...

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Skillful Group 3 Advanced Driver, Jim Nolden keeps the Corvette at bay
Jim Nolden ahead of a Corvette Z06

340 Rear Wheel Horsepower on the dynojet!
The KO Track Car on the Dynograph

Making cornering look easy!
400 rear wheel hp skillfully driven

340 Rear Wheel Horsepower Dynograph
400 Rear Wheel HP Dynograph!