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The HOT Spot - KO Cars - Dinan KO Boosted BMW Supercharger M3 Track Car
  Supercar Power & Speed...

Jim Nolden's KO Supercharger Boosted M3 corners on a dime!

"My M3 started life as a M3/4 door that I bought with 12k miles on it when it was 2 years old. Soon after I bought it I started modifying the car..."

  Jim Nolden
Midwest Sales Manager
KO Performance
BMW CCA Member and
Group 3 Advanced Driver

Jim's car has become a force to be reckoned with. Pulling 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, and over 400+ rear wheel horsepower off the dyno, this beast is the truest of sleepers. At his most recent track event Jim punished the Porsche GT3s, and Corvertte Z06s which couldn't keep up, and ran neck and neck with a Porsche Twin Turbo... for about 1/4 the cost!

What's in there!!!?...

1997 E36 BMW KO Boost Kit Supercharged M3

  Make:   BMW   KO HP: 470 bhp / 400 whp
  Model:   M3 4 Door Saloon   KO TQ: 310 ft.-lbs.
  Year:   1997   HP Gain: +230 / +196
  Production:   ?   TQ Gain: +74 ft.-lbs.
  Color:   Cosmo Black      
  Options:   Luxury Package   # Mods:  
  Stock HP: 240 bhp / 204 whp   $ Mods:  
  Stock TQ: 236 bhp   $ Install:  
  Stock Wt.: 3200 lbs.   KO Wt.:  

  The Build-Up Philosophy    
1997 E36 M3 Philosophy
  About the Driver / Owner - Jim Nolden    
Jim Nolden - Driving the Beast
  The Modifications & BMW Tuning    
KO BMW Supercharger Boost kit  Stage III at 470 hp!
  The Gallery - KO BMW Pictures    
1997 M3 KO Supercharger Burning it Up!

Bimmer Magazine May 2006 Featured Article "Hammer of the Gods" unveils KO's E36 M3 Stage III Supercharger Boost Kit!
Bimmer May 2006 Feature "Hammer of the Gods" -
KO's E36 M3 Stage III
Supercharger Kit unveiled to the
public at 400 RWHP! more info...

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