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The HOT Spot - KO Cars - Dinan BMW Supercharger M3, E36 M3 Street Car
  The Need For Speed & Style...

KO Cars are the money where our mouth is at KO Performance. Our staff are all car enthusiasts in the truest sense of the word, and we only sell or use what really works; our own cars prove it.

From track style to street style, we've put together a comprehensive collection of professional photographs, car philosophies, and modifications including incremental and cumulative performance, weight, and cost analysis for each KO Car.

KO Cars...

E36 M3 Dinan KO Boost Kit Supercharger

This beast is it! Jim Nolden, KO Midwest Sales Manager, and Supercharger Expert, set out to design a Packaged KO Boost Kit that could deliver reliable, consistent, supercar power for the track, at low boost, and low cost. 400 rwhp and counting! ...more

99 M3 BMW angel eyes

The KO1 Show Car is stunningly clean, sharp, well tuned and classy. Nick Tramontin, a former KO Performance Specialist, wanted his car to not only be fast, but also smooth enough to turn heads in Marin County, and impress the ladies too ...more
Bimmer Magazine May 2006 Featured Article "Hammer of the Gods" unveils KO's E36 M3 Stage III Supercharger Boost Kit!
Bimmer May 2006 Feature "Hammer of the Gods" -
KO's E36 M3 Stage III
Supercharger Kit unveiled to the
public at 400 RWHP! more info...

Want to see what the latest BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, and Porsche specials, sales, and news is at KO?

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