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KO Performance - Executive Management - William C. Patton, Jr.
  William C. Patton, Jr.
Member of the Board of Directors
KO Performance

Personal Biography

Will Patton is a Member of the Board of Directors of KO Performance and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Motion Marketing, Inc. – a technical marketing firm founded in 2001, based out of San Jose, CA.

Mr. Patton’s career includes nearly 20 years in corporate America where he served in a variety of prestigious roles ranging from Member Technical Staff to Worldwide Account Manager. Will’s clients include the world’s finest technology companies from around the globe - Dell, Cisco, HP/Compaq, AMD, Texas Instruments, and other enterprise class corporations. After going through a successful IPO in the late 90’s with a microprocessor firm, Mr. Patton’s successful track record solving technology and business problems propelled him into starting his own business ventures.

Mr. Patton’s background in computer engineering and entrepreneurial experience makes him uniquely qualified to serve on the Board of KO Performance.
Will Patton - Member of the Board of Directors, KO Performance
Member of the Board of Directors