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Description: E36 European Ellipsoid Headlight Plug and Play Conversion Kit. Plug and Play Conversion Kit. Applications: 1992 - 1999 318i/323i/325i/328i/M3 (E36). The American lights are just adequate at illuminating the road. However, when they become pitted and fogged they can turn deadly! Over time, and without being immediately noticeable, your E36’s plastic headlights can become so pitted and scratched that they are only putting out a fraction of the light that the originals did! BMW sells their cars in Europe with stronger, more durable headlights that also produce a better light pattern on the road. European manufacturers design their lights to work at German Autobahn speeds. But because of cost considerations, American cars must make do with the cheap, old-technology headlights.The design of Euro headlights incorporates an advanced light assembly that beams more light onto the road surface than the American plastic lights. Instead of blotches of light projected onto the road the Euro lights provide a uniform wall of light both ahead and to the sides of the car. This advanced technology allows the light to be brighter and clearer on the road without having to use a higher-watt bulb.European lights also feature a glass front housing instead of the cheap and fragile plastic. Any owner of a U.S. E36 knows that the plastic lenses on their headlights get scratched and pitted from normal road use. Headlight performance degrades to unsafe levels when this happens. The glass lens on the Euro light resists pits and scratches better and lasts longer, providing you with years of trouble-free lighting. Euro lights also have a small inner light that acts much like a daytime running light does. When this is activated a light in the middle of the low beam projector will illuminate. In addition to looking unique and different, this will help oncoming drivers see you better in low light conditions. Since the “city light” works off of your turn signal extra wiring is not needed. KO Performance provides you with everything necessary for installation. These lights are manufactured by ZKW to BMW’s own exacting quality standards. Included with your kit are instructions, left and right Euro headlight assemblies, and Original BMW plugs and connectors. NO knowledge is required this is straightforward and simple PLUG AND PLAY KIT! Halogen H1 bulbs are included .NOTE: these lights are not DOT-approved for use on U.S. roads and are sold for off-road use only. May not fit with Dinan intake. This kit corresponds with ZKW headlamp part #s to replace US plastic headlamps 63-12-1-393-271, and 63-12-1-393-272 - - - NOTE: currently not for sale, as KO does not have a good source for these at this time due to pricing and value of late model cars