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Description: Victory Product Design Under Drive Pulley set for E36 1992-1998 - Valeo Kit - Victory Product Design is proud to offer our line of Underdrive Pulleys for the E36 “3 series” 92-98 models. Underdrive Pulleys are simple in operation and work by reducing the rpm’s on the driven engine accessories. By driving these accessories slower, more horsepower is “made-free” to drive the wheels. While there might be slight variations in power increases from vehicle to vehicle, you will notice that the engine will rev quicker and be more responsive. Typical power ranges will vary from 5-11 hp.. Our Underdrive Pulley Kit includes the following:Underdrive Power Steering PulleyUnderdrive Water Pump PulleyUnderdrive Alternator PulleyReplacement BeltEasy to Follow InstructionsLifetime Warranty* Why buy our pulleys?Our pulleys are engineered and designed by our own staff and are made using the latest CNC machines. Confirmation of our design has been proven with many daily driven miles being logged on our test vehicles under some of the most extreme hottest temperatures (Houston Summers). With our kit there is NO concern over high water temperatures or low battery life due to underdriving the accessories.Our precision pulleys are made from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum and feature our own proprietary hard anodized coating for long life. Lightening Holes are added to reduce the pulley weight and the rotational inertia which allows the pulleys to be accelerated quicker over heavier designs.WARNING: Certain manufactures that claim to be the originator of power pulleys for BMW’s state that the lower rotating inertia of the pulley makes no contribution to the power gain. Do not be misled by these incorrect statements. Power pulleys have been used for decades in the racing community to free up additional power and lighter, lower inertia pulleys allow an engine to accelerate quicker (over heavier designs) for the same reasons that a lightweight flywheel will allow an engine to rev quicker. The reasons for this is simple, less mass to accelerate.While certain manufactures only offer a two pulley kit (water and power steering pumps) for the E36 and falsely claim detrimental effects from underdriving the alternator, Victory Product Design offers a complete three pulley kit (water, power steering pumps and alternator) for approximately the same price.Simply put. More Performance, Better Value.We believe we have designed one of the best underdrive pulley kits currently on the market and back it up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty*Want to make the installation even easier?Purchase our installation tool kit For $50.00 you get two (2) water pump wrenches, and an alternator socket. These tools allow you to easily remove the fan clutch and alternator pulley.Note: Tool purchase is only available with the purchase of an underdrive pulley kit.