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Description: UUC Motorwerks Tuned Spring Set v.2 for E46 convertible only.New "version 2" springs give a very slight rake with 100% compatibility with original struts and shocks. This part number specifically designed for added rear weight of wagon/coupe bodystyle. With the plethora of aftermarket spring choices on the marketplace, why in the world would we have our own spring sets made? Because we wanted aftermarket springs to do what we wanted them to do. After being frustrated with the choices available, we discovered that there was a method for lowering the car, allowing for slightly better handling, without the need for changing out the OEM shocks. Some manufactures already offer "sport packages" from the factory where they simply install different springs (slightly stiffer and lower) and different sway bars (typically larger, to produce less body roll). We looked to produce a set of springs for the cars that do not have this option, tweeking the car just that much more. The current problem that exists is complete incompatibly between what current spring manufactures determine what "sport springs" should be with their respective rates. Additionally, the current shock manufactures are no better marketing "sport shocks" for springs that do not exist. If they only would talk and work together, would we have a happy medium with any shock/spring combination NOT from the factory. Typically, you have to have shock custom-valved for specific springs, for whatever you're looking to achieve. Yes, this is normally a pricey option (a good set of coilovers can start at $2000 and up). Our goal was to produce a set of performance springs without the common issues found with current offerings. Our goals were: Lower the car just substantially, reducing the unsightly fender gap. Maintain most of the factory suspension travel (travel is good for everyday driving such as potholes and driveways) Maintain most of the factory alignment settings (lowering the car too much does funny things to the alignment) Most importantly, allow them to work reasonably well with factory shocks. If you're planning on racing or your car goes to the track all the time, you may want to invest in the custom coil-over systems out there. Save your money and do NOT buy these springs. For those that use their cars for everyday driving, we offer the UUC Motorwerks Tuned Spring Set. Copyri
Manufacturer: UUC