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Description: Performance Cold Air Intake co-developed with PiperCross Working with our newest co-development partner and Europe's largest performance air filter manufacturer, PiperCross (UK), .UUC Motorwerks has developed the best "open box" style performance intake for selected BMW models. Features: Leading-edge technology foam filter (re-usable) that surpasses all oiled gauze and paper filters for fine-particle filtration and efficiency. "Open box" design for race-inspired looks at typical intake "roar" sound.. Direct fit, no modifications required. Quick and simple installation. Details: Filtration is accomplished via the most sophisticated media available today, a specially developed polyurethane foam which has both higher performance and life expectancy than paper. This reticulated foam is created by a chemical reaction, it is then placed in a gas filled combustion chamber where a controlled explosion burns away any complete cell walls in the material to form a skeletal cellular structure which is strictly quality controlled. This process ensures that the foam consists of tiny open cells which trap contaminants. The cell size of the foam, its porosity, is measured in Pores Per Inch (PPI). These air filters use up to six layers of foam with varying porosity descending in pore size in the direction of air flow. Cleaning is very simple, a simple rinse in water and a light re-oiling is all that is necessary. This filter material is designed for street use, but is suitable for racing use. PiperCross pedigree: Europe's largest manufacturer of performance air filters is on the leading edge of technology development. PiperCross filters are used extensively in racing venues such as Formula 1, LeMans, WRC and is a critical component in the "World's Fastest Street Legal Car" . Co-development: In examining laboratory and real-world dyno/performance results, UUC has determined that PiperCross is the "ultimate" in performance filtration technology. The decision to join with PiperCross as an official UUC Co-Development Partner was therefore quite simple... they make the best, we demand the best, perfect match. UUC's involvement has been to develop the BMW fitments unique to the USA market, usually different than the models offered in Europe and the rest of the world. Our dyno tuning has resulted in a unique variation of virtually every PiperCross component used for our fitments.
Manufacturer: UUC