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Description: The Ultimate OE-type replacement brake rotors for BMW.FRONT for MINI (all models including Cooper S)PRICE PER PAIR What makes the best brake rotors? Details, details, details, and value! UUC Ultimate OE-size replacement rotors are slotted, plated, and manufactured using the best techniques and materials. Slotting: there are many reasons to slot rotors. Primarily, slotting aids in removal of water and debris on the rotor surface, evacuation of hot pad "off gassing" vapor, and provides a visual wear indicator. Details: These slots do not extend all the way to the edge of the rotor for a very specific reason; this maintains the structural integrity of the rotor. Other brands with slots all the way to the end have created "stress risers" where cracking may develop. No such problem exists with this design. Additionally, directional slotting enhances effectiveness. NO DRILLING! Drilled holes in rotors often used for "show" are prone to cracking and catastrophic failure. The holes create stress risers which will lead to this sort of failure. Additionally, drilled holes do not improve cooling, rotary-vane rotors lose efficiency when drilled because cooling air does not not pass through the rotor circumferentially but is instead prematurely evacuated by the holes. Plating: Multi-stage plating resists unsightly corrosion on the rotor hub and unswept areas of the rotor face. Precision: due to the ultra-precise tolerances used for run-out, parallelism, and surface flatness, absolutely no pre-installation machining is required for smooth operation without vibration or shimmy. Manufacturing details: Meets SAE J431 standard for grade 3000 gray cast iron Alloying: Copper and Chromium added to achieve specific hardness and tensile strength. Precision-controlled cooling during the casting process creates a uniform distribution of graphite flakes, thus increasing wear resistance and the ability to dissipate heat. In contrast, premature cooling of cast iron can cause iron brittleness, thus making the brake rotor more likely to warp or crack, especially when overheated under hard braking conditions. Run-out less than .004". Parallelism of machined surfaces within .0005" tolerance.
Manufacturer: UUC