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Description: function movepic(img_name,img_src) { document[img_name].src=img_src; } Oakley ENTERS with the RACE Thirteen Twenty Shoe! Click the above Oakley RACE Boot for ENLARGED View Formula One FIA approved Professional Grade racing footwear of 100% engineered construction Patented CarbonX® flame-resistant lining outperforms all known standards on the NFPA 2112 Flame Resistant Garments testing protocol Self-extinguishing split suede with durable mudguard of synthetic leather High-grip NBS vulcanized rubber outsole, optimized for tactile response on race pedals Low-density advanced polymer EVA midsole for heel support and resilient shock absorption CarbonX® batting and fire-retardant leather heel counter / inner sole for added protection Oakley JOINS with JP Montoya! Juan Pablo Montoya began his racing career in kart racing back in 1981. Taking the KART world by storm, Montoya quickly became a most sought after driver, with teams battling for his allegiance. While driving for the Marko team in 1997, he came second in the Formula 3000 championship and this was the year he had his first taste of Formula One. Accepting the role of test driver, Williams quickly signed the young man, securing his future ride in F1. He won the F3000 championship the following year while competing for Supernova, with a record points total of 65 points for the season! Though Williams swapped Juan in the 1999 season, he quickly wanted him back. Juan remained in the CART Series for at least another season and Montoya also won the Indianapolis 500 on his very first attempt! Returning to Williams in 2001 to partner the younger Schumacher brother, Ralf, Juan Pablo saw his first Formula one victory at Monza. In 2003, Montoya fought for the title until the US Grand Prix at Indianapolis, winning two Grand Prix in the process. 2004 will be his last season at Williams before moving to McLaren in 2005. Juan has caused quite a stir on the track with his aggressive driving style, a style that Oakley highly approves of and is willing to partner with! Not only does Montoya drive with the most aggressive racing footwear ever available, the Oakley Race Series Boots and Shoes but also has lent his name and signature to Oakley's aggressive Eyewear creating the Montoya Signature Series Eyewear! Look to Montoya for aggressive driving and insistent style both on and off the track!
Manufacturer: UUC