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Description: The ITG Pro perforamance filter represents the newest technology in filters. Why ITG? The best-performing and safest low-restriction performance air filter you can buy: Testing has shown these filters to remove all particles above 10 microns in size. The particles between 10 and 20 are most harmful to your engine. Compare this to cotton gauze which cannot filter below 20 microns. The ITG has a much higher tolerance for dust penetration than other filters on the market, maintaining up to 80% of its flow capacity when dirty. Lower maintenance than other filters, it simply needs to be wiped off, never washed. This drop in panel filter is designed for a precision fit inside your factory air box. Other "generic fit" brands can have leaks, allowing harmful unfiltered air into your engine which will accelerate wear on internal components.. Suitable for long-term street or competition use. "Racing" filters are great - if you want to rebuild your engine every year. ITG filters ensure the safety level of factory-spec filtering for long engine life. Manufactured in the UK and used in the finest European road and race cars.
Manufacturer: UUC