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Description: Fits all BMW models. Improves the performance of the DRIVER, not the car! Funny how a simple idea can sometimes make a big difference. Take the full racing harness, for example. It holds you tightly in your seat and provides three major advantages: You don’t need to “hang on” when driving hard… you can keep your feet light on the pedals and your hands light on the wheel for better driving control, faster reactions, and less fatigue. You are “one with the vehicle”…you can sense vehicle movement better, react sooner, and “feel” your way through the tricky spots more easily. Your safety is increased. Unfortunately, most of us do our fun driving (and riding) in vehicles with standard three-point automotive seat belts, not racing harnesses. And we who use harnesses in our “playtime” vehicle usually don’t have them in our street cars, SUVs, or trucks -- the ones we autocross in, or take on tracks, or off road, or just plain commute in. And this is where a new, simple idea changes everything! A new, truly first-of-it’s-kind product is now available. It’s called the CG-Lock (CG stands for center of gravity). It easily clips onto the tongue of your vehicle’s seat belt (the part that the webbing passes through and you push into the buckle). Once installed, you pull up on the shoulder harness of your seat belt, and the lap belt portion gets “racing harness tight” and stays as tight as you want until you release it ! Simple. But what a difference it makes! Why? Because adding the CG-Lock to your lap belt provides about 80% of the “holding power” of a full harness. Your hips are your body’s center of gravity and tightly held hips provide the first two of the three benefits of a full harness as described above. As for the 3rd benefit – increased safety – the CG-Lock is not sold as a safety device, but it has been designed and fully tested to not interfere with a seat belt’s safety. For the surprisingly low introductory price of $39.95, your new CG-Lock will provide two important benefits of a full racing harness in your daily driver. And here’s another surprise: you’ll get more than you paid for. On long trips, a gentle tightening of the CG-Lock holds your spine against the lumbar support of the seat. You can drive for hours with less fatigue and back pain at the end of the day – a great improvement for long distance drivers and their passengers. And there is still more: the CG-Lock is very effective at holding an infant seat in place -- no sliding around or tipping over. There’s a no-risk money-back guarantee! The CG-Lock -- a simple idea that is going to change the way you drive forever. Lowers your lap times or your money back!! TESTING Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) Testing: The CG-Lock was tested in accordance with FMVSS 208 guidelines. The CG-Lock was shown to cause no adverse effects to the safety properties of factory installed 3-point seat belt systems. -VIA Test Labs, Brighton, MI The most important deduction that can be inferred from the data is that the [CG-Lock] should provide the occupant increased handling feedback from the vehicle while providing a more stable and consistent seating position under performance driving conditions. -VIA Test Labs, Brighton, MI Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Statement: "As long as the CG-Lock is installed according to the manufacture’s supplied instructions, the CG-Lock has no effect on the original factory upper body restraint and will be compliant with 3.3.1 of the SCCA National Solo Rules. This includes convertibles without roll bars." - Doug Gill SCCA Solo Technical Manager Canadian Automobile Sports Clubs - Ontario Region (CASC-OR) Bulletin No. bs2 2004-01: The CG-Lock Occupant Stability Equipment are allowed as long as the CG-Lock is installed according to the manufacturer's supplied instructions, the CG-Lock has no effect on the original factory upper body restraint and will be compliant with Sections 3.2.C and 4.10.L of the 2004 CASC-OR Solo 2 Rule book. This includes convertibles without roll bars. - April 30, 2004 - Wes Tanney, Solo Ontario Solo II Director
Manufacturer: UUC