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Description: Conforti Shark Injector for 1996-1999 323/328/M3, E39 528i, 1998-2000 M Coupe/Roadster - 1996 - 2000 6 cylinder single-vanos BMWs, Z3 (E36, E39, Z3, MZ3) TMS / Conforti Performance Engine Software represents the most cost-effective approach to increasing engine performance. It has been dyno-tested to provide a safe increase in power by altering fuel enrichment, cam timing and ignition timing specifically for use with premium gasoline. TMS OBD-II Performance Engine Software also provides an increase in the factory rev-limit allowing for optimum shift points for maximum acceleration. Not only do we re-map part-throttle fuel and spark, we also re-map other areas of chips other tuners don't touch - such as acceleration enrichment, transition fueling (how the car responds to rapid change in pedal, and VANOS control as needed to optimize the vehicle for operation on premium fuel (91+ octane). This will also work on the 1996-99 E36 323i/328i and all single-vanos M Coupe/Roadster models (1998-2000). NOTE 9/24/09 - price change - prices have gone down on this product... a VERY rare thing in the automotive world. Retail has gone down from 369.00, KO price 367.99 to 299.99, and 297.99 respectively.
Manufacturer: TMS