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2005 BMW 330xi Base Sedan E46 3.0L L6 >> Cooling and Drive Belts > Smoke Diagnostic Leak Detector

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Part number: 95-0130 options include...
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Description: Smoke Diagnostic Leak Detector - Redline Detection 95-0130
BMW Part Note:Full-featured diagnostic capabilities to detect, locate, and repair leaks in sealed systems. Allows leak detection for both low pressure for traditional EVAP and general repair, and variable high for turbo, diesel, and heavy duty testing with one piece of equipment. This all-in-one unit is engineered to quickly test the integrity of EVAP systems, intakes, turbo, boosted, low and high pressure systems, all without dyes or contaminants. Variable pressure, variable flow replicate the full load of a running vehicle and allow adjustment of flow as needed to find minuscule faults in every type of vehicle, even heavy duty trucks. Includes : (Qty.) (1) Dual Purpose Diagnostic Leak Locator, (1) Easy INTAKEadaptor, (1) Power Intake adapter set, (1) Easy block off, (1) Smoke nozzle, (1) Cooling system Adaptor, (1) NOX, (1) EVAP port, (1) Temperatureport adaptor, (2) Visual vapor production fluid, (1) Halogen inspection light, (1) Schrader valve removal tool, (1) Durable Case.

Part number: 95-0003B options include...
950003B-1287 Smoke Diagnostic Leak Detector - Redline Smoke Pro Total-Tech
Part #:

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Description: Smoke Diagnostic Leak Detector - Redline Smoke Pro Total-Tech
BMW Part Note:Full-featured diagnostic capabilities to detect, locate, and repair leaks in sealed systems. Compact, yet powerful machine. One simple connection diagnoses an entire system in seconds. Eliminate comebacks by verifying that leaks are repaired completely. Expedite diagnostics, improve accuracy in repairs, heighten customer satisfaction, and increase profits. Includes: (Qty.) (1) Smoke Pro Total-Tech, (1) OEM-Approved Smoke Producing Fluid, (1) Halogen Inspection Light, (1) EVAP Service Port Tool, (1) EVAP Schrader Valve Removal Tool, (1) Cap Plug Kit, (1) Exhaust Cone Adaptor, (1) Plastic Accessory Case.