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KO Performance 1.8L, 1.9L, E36/E37 BMW 318, BMW Z3 Supercharger Kit - 200+whp
KO Performance E36/E37 1.8L, 1..9L, BMW 318, BMW Z3 Supercharger Kit - 200+hp!

KO Performance 1.8L, 1.9L E36/E37 BMW 318, and Z3 Supercharger Kit - a KO Exclusive Design - 200+rwhp in 1.9L engines!

On Sale!
KO Performance BMW Supercharger Kit for E36 Z3, and BMW 318s - 1.9L = 200+whp!
KO Price
1.8L, 1.9L 318, Z3

Usually In Stock

Additional upgrades to this kit available upon request. More boost, software, and cooling!
200+ rwhp! larger pic coming soon
If you have an E36 318, or E36/37 Z3 with a 1.8L or 1.9L engine, you've probably been dying for an affordable, killer upgrade for your underpowered BMW. Some of our own staff members own and love the Z3, but can sympathize with you from their own experience, when you get beat off the line by Honda Civics, with clear taillights, that cost half of the price of your car, and with the fact that you have the passing power of a nest of squirrels.

Help has arrived!

Through careful research, design, and testing, KO Performance has designed a BMW Z3 and 318 Superchager Kit capable of producing over 200+ HP in the car you already love to hate, but would love to love.

Our goals in development were to create a BMW Z3, and 318 supercharger kit that would provide a sizeable amount of horsepower gains, using safe boost levels, paying special attention to heat issues, while maintaining affordability and allowing for street, or track applications.

We are proud to say, we have met that goal. In addition, KO Performance is pleased to meet the specific needs of this market segment with the most competitively priced kit on the market.

More pics coming soon!
KO Performance designed the KO Z3 / 318 BMW Supercharger Kit to come complete with everything you need, all boxed together and ready to install.

The KO 318/Z3 BMW Supercharger Kit includes:
  • Super reliable, effecient, and Powerful Eaton Roots Supercharger
  • All mounting hardware
  • 1 year warranty on parts
  • Installation guide and phone tech support
This kit is similar to the Downing Atlanta kit for the same model BMWs, which we also carry.

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