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BMW E46 3 series 4 LED Tail Light Kit for 2 Door Convertible BMWs
bmw taillight kit e46 convertible

BMW LED Tail Light Conversion Kit for E46 BMW Convertibles - 330Ci, 325Ci, M3.

KO Performance

The parts contained in this kit are ALL Genuine OEM BMW parts.
BMW LED Tail lights for E46 2 Door Convertibles - 325Ci, 330Ci, M3
KO Price
3 series 2dr
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KO Performance has put together an ALL OEM BMW parts LED tail light kit that will work with any E46 BMW 3 series 2 door Convertible including 323ci, 325ci, 330ci, and 2000+ M3.

If you have a 325Ci coupe, or 330Ci coupe, or M3 coupe, the BMW LED Tail Light kit you need can be found here!

LED tail lamp kits come with everything you need to install the kit. LEDs are brighter, faster to light up, and more efficient than bulbs (using less power), in addition to never "burning out".

In case you are worried about error messages that might occur as a result of the installation. KO recommends that you take your BMW to your local dealership for a simple reflash of your LCM. After the reflash, it is like your BMW came from the factory with the LED tail lights installed.

The Genuine OEM BMW parts LED Tail light/Tail lamp Conversion Kit includes the following:
  • OEM plug n play tail lights / tail lamps
  • OEM wiring harnesses for easy installation
  • OEM bulb carriers
  • KO Performance tech support if any issues arise
The LED Tail Lights Conversion kit works on all E46 2 Door Convertibles. It is true PnP (Plug and Play) for vehicles wtih a prodcution date after 10/01, pre 10/01 requires new LCM (light Control Module).

Your production date can be found on the inside driver's side door jam panel and will be indicated in a MM/YY format. You will need to check this date befoe placing your order.

If your vehicle was made before 10/01, then in order for your car to accept the lights upgrade, you will need a new LCM, which is capable of the flash upgrade of it's software.

LCMs before this date are not flash updateable for this modification. If you need a new LCM, you will need to email or call us with your vehicles VIN# so that we can match you with the correct LCM for all of your lighting options. This method will ensure we get you the correct LCM for your options. LCMs retail for $295.00, and $355 depending on your lighting options on your vehicle, KO price is $235.00, and $315.00 respectively.

Alternatively, if you know all of your lighting options which are controlled by the LCM such as: 1) Xenons, or Bi-Xenons, or Halogens only 2) Rear view compass, 3) Adaptive lighting, 4)Rain Sensor, 5) Fog lights, etc. you can notify of those options when you place your order so that you recieve the correct LCM for you vehicle's options.

KO Performance has taken the time to determine exactly how to make this ALL OEM Genuine BMW parts Plug and Play kit a breeze to install and up to the demanding standards of our customers. KO has been selling this kit for over 3 years to many satisfied customers that only want OEM quality on their BMWs.
bmw e46 led taillight kit convertible
Change the look of your Bimmer with LED tail lights.
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