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BMW Lava Lighting Angel Eyes E36 3 Series Bare Bones Kit
E36 BMW Angel Eyes

BMW Angel Eyes give that 5 Series look and feel to your E36 3 Series' lighting.

KO Performance

KO Performance is proud to carry Lava Lighting Angel Eyes....the best on the market!

BMW Angel Eyes E36 Bare Bones Kit
KO Price
M3, 3 series (MUST HAVE european
headlamps (ZKW) - SOLD SEPARATELY)
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KO Performance only offers the best products, which is why we carry Lava Lighting Angel Eyes (aka Demon Eyes) for your BMW

NOTE: E36 3 series BMW (most 3 series from 1992-1999) angel eyes will ONLY fit European Ellipsoid style headlamps and are SOLD SEPARATELY. You can immediately tell if you have the US spec headlight as your lenses will be plastic, and tend to get yellow and fade over time. The ZKW lenses will not fade or yellow and are made of GLASS, and offer a superior light out put, beam pattern, and greater visibility and are ellipsoid lenses. The highest quality OEM European Ellipsoid available is the ZKW headlight which we offer sold individually for replacement or as pairs in Plug and Play format with all wirring adapters, etc. pre-wired for true plug and play. Angel Eyes WILL NOT WORK FOR E36 without the ZKWs or other glass lens european ellipsoid headlights.

LLAE are the highest quality angel eyes on the market. LLAE use the strongest, most durable, and highest quality components available (Pyrex, 6061 Aluminum, etc.) resulting in a product that is hands down higher quality than any other angel eyes on the market.

LLAE halos are made from Pyrex glass, a “hard glass” material, resulting in halos that are strong and durable.

LLAE estimated worst case lifespan is 3 years (15k-25k hours) continuous use (on 24/7)

Great care has been taken in the manufacturing and design process to ensure that the LLAE product is of the highest quality.

The E36 Angel Eyes Kit includes the following:
  • Lava Lighting Angel Eye Halos
  • Lava Lighting Inverters for easy installation
  • Fast installation time - E36 in an hour and a half!
  • Instructions
NOTE: NOT INCLUDED - ZKW Ellipsoid Headlights required for E36 use of Angel Eyes.

angel eyes e36 bmw lava lighting
Upgrade to that look that turns heads
e36 angel eyes lava lighting halos m3 bmw lighting
An easy yet effective upgrade for your BMW

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