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Genuine BMW parts - OBDI M50 Manifold (New)
OBDI M50 Intake Manifold OEM BMW part - new

BMW OEM Genuine parts - OBDI M50 Manifold for use with a conversion kit for an E36 M3 upgrade - new

Genuine OEM BMW Parts
often, converting from a stock
part for one BMW to that from
another, result in improved

OEM parts - OBDI M50 Manifold (New) - BMW accessories
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OEM BMW Parts - E36 BMW OBDI M50 Manifold for use with M50 Conversion kit - typical gains of 10-30hp - for those who want a brand new and non-refurbished manifold to build from
M50 manifold conversion kits add solid power from 3500RPM plus!
M50 manifold kit adds solid power 3500RPM+
If you are looking for the KO Conversion Kit With the M50 Manifold included click here

has discovered a number of Genuine BMW parts and accessories which can make outstanding upgrades to your BMW as direct replacement parts or OEM quality upgrades accross BMW models. The OEM E36 OBDI M50 Manifold is one of such kind of parts.

As always, changes were made to the E36 platform when cars went from OBDI to OBDII in 1996. In many cases, some of these changes resulted in the 1995 OBDI M3 possessing a performance advantage over the newer OBDII E36 M3s from 1996-1999 mostly due to emmissions restriction laws.

One of the changes toward the lower power side of the spectrum involved the E36 OBDII M3 manifold being airflow restrictive compared to the OBDI manifold, which, in a performance M3, or BMW tuning application, at some point becomes a limiting factor.

This restricted air flow problem can be corrected, and opened up by installing an OBDI M50 M3 manifold onto an OBDII M3, resulting in approximatey twice the runners capactiy, increasing airflow and fuel mixture capabilities.

To accomplish this conversion from OBDI to OBDII a number of differences between the two manifolds and their linkups and mechanics must be accounted for. There are currently two ways to do this.

The M50 Manifold Basic Conversion kit includes all of the components required to covert your OBDII M3 over to an OBDI M50 Manifold, however it requires more mechanical inclination on the part of the installer, and is a less elegant solution than the other conversion kit option available, the Eurosport M50 Manifold Conversion kit.

KO Performance carries both kits, which basically boil down to a choice on the part of the purchaser between a less expensive, basic kit, or a custom manifold interface that is super clean, designed for perfect fitment conversion, and more expensive. Either way you go, our M50 Manifold Basic Conversion kit includes the M50 manifold, which is required for the Eurosport Conversion kit as well, at much better pricing than you can find the M50 manifold by itself without the Basic Coversion components. You can't go wrong!

The Genuine OEM BMW parts M50 Manifold (new) - includes the following:
  • Brand new OEM Genuine M50 OBDI Manifold

We installed the M50 Manifold conversion kit on our E36 1997 Dinan Base, KO Stage III Boosted Supercharged M3 and saw an additional 32 rear wheel horsepower on the dyno from this modification alone (see dyno to the right). On our track car, we used the Eurosport M50 Manifold Conversion kit, which we also sell, instead of the Basic Conversion Kit for the cleaner look (see pic on right, installed on our track car with our KO Vortech Supercharger Boost Kit)
M50 manifold conversion kit installed onto OBDII motor
M50 manifold installed on OBDII motor

M50 Manifold Basic Conversion kit includes all components necessary to make the switch!
OBDI to OBDII Basic Conversion Kit

M50 manifold conversion kit includes mounting hardware, and necessary components
M50 manifold kit includes all you need

OBDI manifold and fuel rail, with OBDII motor and fuel injectors
M50 manifold & fuel rail w/OBDII injectors

KO Supercharged Boost Kit Dyno after adding the M50 manifold eurosport conversion kit
M50 manifold upgrade yielded 32 whp for KO!

KO track car with Eurosport M50 Manifold Conversion kit installed as opposed to the Basic kit.
M50 manifold upgrade w/ Eurosport Kit

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