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 UUC Motorwerks BMW Performance Transmission Mount Enforcer Detail

UUC Motorwerks Tranny Mount Enforcer Detail

 UUC Motorwerks Transmission Mount Enforcer
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E30, 34, 36, 39, 46, Z3
all 92-95
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The Tranny Mount Enforcer is CNC'd from 6061 - T6 aluminum
A popular and inexpensive upgrade to the E36 M3 tranny mount is the installation of the BMW 320i tranny mount. Originally used on the older E21 3-series, it's cylindrical shape deflects less than the E36 M3 mount. Although installing the 320i mounts requires very little modification, it yields significantly less deflection without any additional vibration or otherwise uncomfortable side effect.

Testing of the stock E36 M3 tranny mount and the 320i mount showed that the 320i mount deflected 24% less than the E36 M3 version (a good thing). In the effort to find a solution that would yield even greater results, UUC Motorwerks began research the various options.

There are replacement aftermarket tranny mount systems which do a notable job of addressing transmission movement, but at the expense of excessive interior cabin vibration. Additionally, such system can cost upwards of a few hundred dollars.

Like all UUC Motorwerks products, our goal is to create products which can be used in a daily driver while maintaining the benefits for performance driving. Such is the case with the Tranny Mount Enforcer.

The Tranny Mount Enforcer is an add-on piece to the 320i mount which inhibits a small degree of deflection. The Tranny Mount Enforcer is CNC'd from 6061-T6 aluminum.

Our newest version of the Tranny Mount Enforces now encapsulates 0.67" of the 320i mount in an aluminum structure, it prevents the rubber within the area from deflecting.

The thickness of the cup adds 0.135" to the 320i mount (which was already shorter than the E36 M3 mount). Total difference is height is now only 0.065" (1.65mm) from stock E36 M3 height.

With the addition of the Tranny Mount Enforcer, the new mount has 354% greater deflection resistance than the stock E36 M3 mount. Like the 320i mount used alone, it does not contribute to increased cabin noise or additional vibration since the design of the vibration mount is retained.

We recommend using the specially-designed UUC Transmission Mount Bushings which do not require the slight modification to the transmission cross brace that the 320i bushings do.

The new mount has 354% greater deflection
Stock 320i Mount
320i Mount with Tranny Mount Enforcer

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