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 Active Autowerke E36 BMW Generation III Lightened Aluminum Flywheel

Active Autowerke E36 BMW Performance Lightened Aluminum Flywheel

 Active Autowerke E36 BMW Generation III Lightened Aluminum Flywheel
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The flywheel pins will not fly out.

Active Autowerke custom made lightweight flywheel weighs only 12lbs, as opposed to the factory 26lbs. and is engineered to handle the AA 500 BHP turbo cars. The dowel pins are secured rather than pressed in to prevent clutch failure, an AA exclusive. The flywheel pins will not fly out. The AA Flywheel will create a much quicker engine response and a faster acceleration for a lower 0-60 time. The feeling is like having your BMW engine balance due to the much lighter rotational mass on the end of the crankshaft. The Flywheel is an AA original. We design, and manufacture this flywheel. It is not mande by a flywheel manufacturer and relabeled.

Check out a great article on instillation and the effects of the flywheel for one AA customer.


  • Generation III creates a fuller clutch contact area than the previous 10.5lbs Gen II flywheel
  • Reduced gearbox rattle and stalling on deceleration with Generation III
  • Detailed intructions and hardware included
  • Replace your factory 26lbs. dual-mass steel flywheel with our 12lbs. single-mass lightened aluminum flywheel
  • Tested and proven Generation III to handle 500+BHP application
  • Quicker throttle response
  • Improves acceleration at the strip or on the street
  • CAD design and CNC quality ensures a true balance

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