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VF Engineering Supercharger for BMW E36 328
vf engineering bmw e36 supercharger for 328 e36

BMW E36 328 Supercharger by VF Engineering

vf engineering supercharger systems bmw
 VF Engineering Supercharger for BMW E36 328
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328 96-98


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When experiencing a VF Engineering Supercharger, you’ll get the power you need without breaking the bank.
vf engineering supercharger systems for e36 bmw 328
High quality construction
VF Engineering decided to supercharge the BMW E36 3 series to improve throttle response and mid to top end power with the centrifugal Vortech supercharger. VF developed this smooth supercharger system with reliability as the main concern. VF harnessed the reliability of Vortech superchargers and the quality of GIAC custom software to create the ultimate supercharger system for the ultimate driving machine, namely BMW's.

All key components are 100% made in California. This system has been fully road tested and dyno tuned on both GIAC's and VF Engineering's Dynamometers, with and without engine load. All stage 1 kits are set up at 6psi to keep a factory feel.

VF engineers spent over 12 months software testing the various BMW ECU's and resolved all stalling and MAF issues that tend to accompany other superchargers. Software flash technology and the latest BMW file versions have all been employed to provide the customer with the best and most reliable method of software available. The software has been extensively tested on the road as well as on the dynamometer.

Every aspect of this kit has been fully engineered for high quality fitment and highly demanding performance which is expected from BMW drivers. Starting with VF's in-house horizontal, turning and milling CNC's and plastic molding plant, GIAC's industry reknown software and track record, and the reliability of Vortech's supercharger units have been widely exploited to form a product with internationally recognized technology, quality, and performance.

The VF Engineering E36 BMW supercharger remains fully OBD2 compliant and is supported by a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty on the product only. Installation can be completed in approximately 8 hours and is non-intrusive allowing it to be fully reversible to stock.

  • Boost pressure: 6 PSI
  • Installation time: 7-9 hours
  • Stock HP: 190hp
  • VF HP: TBA
bmw e36 supercharger for 328 vf engineering
Awesome power as well as looks
System components:
  • GIAC custom tuned stage 1 software
  • RPM limiter increased to 7000 rpm
  • Soft rev limiters and top speed governor removed
  • Vortech V2 SQ trim polished supercharger
  • VF CNC machined 6061 aluminum bracket system
  • OEM BMW idler pullies
  • OEM High flow fuel injectors
  • VF custom molded polypropylene ducting
  • VF custom tuned supercharger intake
  • Bosch overrun bypass valve system
  • Custom crank case ventilation system
  • 4 ply silicon couplers with OEM screw clamps
  • 3 year unlimited mileage limited product warranty
  • VF CNC oil fittings with high pressure OEM oil lines
  • Additional OEM serpentine belt
  • K&N induction filter with cold air intake
  • Comprehensive installation CD Rom
  • Optional stage 2 kits in development for certain BMW models
  • Precision engineered and manufactured in California, USA
Close up view of the supercharger unit


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