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Victory Product Design BMW E36 3 Series Underdrive Pulleys, BMW accessories

Victory Product Design BMW E36 3 Series Underdrive Pulleys

Victory Product Design BMW E36 3 Series Underdrive Pulleys - BMW accessories
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Hard Anodized Black 6061 T6 Aluminum!
Victory Product Design's BMW E36 3 Series Underdrive Pulleys are simple in operation and work by reducing the rpm’s on the belt driven engine accessories. With spirited driving, your BMW's accessories are often overdriven, meaning they are being driven with more power than they actually need to operate at their highest efficiency. By driving these accessories slower, hence the term underdrive, more horsepower is directed to drive the wheels, instead of being wasted on BMW accessories which are already running at peak operating efficiency at speed.

While there might be slight variations in power increases from vehicle to vehicle, you will notice that the engine revs up quicker and is more responsive. Typical power gains range from 5-11 hp at the wheels.
The Victory Product Design E36 3 Series Underdrive Pulley Kit includes the following:
  • Underdrive Power Steering Pulley
  • Underdrive Water Pump Pulley
  • Underdrive Alternator Pulley
  • Properly sized Replacement Drive Belt
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty*
Victory Product Design's BMW underdrive pulleys are engineered and designed by their own in-house mechanical engineers and are made using the most technologically advanced CNC machines.

They test the designs on their own test vehicles logging many daily driven miles under some of the most extreme temperatures in the United States (Houston Texas Summers). Rest assured that with Victory Product Design's pulley kit, there are NO concerns over high water temperatures or low battery life due to extreme “underdriving” of the BMW accessories.

Victory Product Design's precision pulleys are made from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum and feature their own proprietary hard anodized coating for long life. This coating ads a true thin surface of protective coating to the underdrive pulleys, which are Jet-Black, and aides in preventing corrosion and maintaining a clean look.

Lightening Holes are added to reduce the weight of the pulleys and lower their rotational inertia, which allows the pulleys to be accelerated quicker.

Victory Product Design believes they have designed one of the best BMW underdrive pulley kits currently on the market and back it up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty*

*The Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty gaurantees that if any pulley parts wear out (does not include the belt) the manufacturer will replace those parts for as long as you own your vehicle.

Want to make the installation even easier?

Purchase Victory Product Design's installation tool kit For $50.00. The kit includes two (2) water pump wrenches, and an alternator socket. These tools allow you to easily remove the fan clutch and alternator pulley.

Note: Tool kit purchase is only available with the purchase of an underdrive pulley kit.

Victory Product Design also has BMW underdrive pulley kits for these applications:

BMW E46 non-M3 underdrive pulley kit
(ie. 323, 328, 325, 330 from 1999-2004)

BMW E46 M3 underdrive pulley kit (ie. BMW M3 E46 body style from 2001-2004)

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