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Description: 2001-2005 E46 330, 325 (fits all i/Ci/Touring models - does not fit Convertible, does not fit Xi models) The Ultimate Twin Silencer Exhaust In the continual pursuit of designing, engineering, and manufacturing the ultimate performance upgrades, our original TSE2 has been discontinued for a significant re-design, resulting in the TSE3. The all-new TSE3 is the absolute best performance exhaust system for '00-'04 330, 328, 325 and 323 models (i, Ci, iT - not for Xi). It continues the fundamental design of TSE2 as a full dual cat-back design, however the TSE3 is unique in that CORSA Performance was engaged to design and manufacture the exhaust. Thanks to this unique partnership, the TSE3 is available exclusively through UUC. CORSA is one of the largest automotive and high-end marine exhaust tuning companies in the USA with engineering and manufacturing facilities in Ohio and a patented, proprietary technology called Reflective Sound Cancellation?. CORSA consults to General Motors, Ford and Daimler-Chrysler and carries the title of "official licensed product" on its GM aftermarket exhaust systems. The result of the UUC and CORSA partnership is a drone-free exhaust system, delivering a pleasant sound at idle and cruise and a muscular roar at high rpm. Test vehicles for this development program included the 330i Steptronic, whose transmission programming "lugs" the engine at low rpm, resulting in a high potential for drone. CORSA tuned the TSE3 specifically to counter that situation and the results are impressive. How does it work? Reflective Sound-Cancellation? (RSC?) - a non-electrical noise control system without the complication of incorporating the use of electronics or speakers. Essentially, engine sound (pressure) waves are reflected in passages inside the muffler to cancel out unwanted sound waves. The result is a "tuned" muffler that "cleans up" the noise without eliminating the pure sound of power associated with a high-performance vehicle. Using this Corsa technology, the stainless steel Corsa Performance line of mufflers are tuned to eliminate passenger cabin resonance and produce just the "right" sound. . The Corsa Performance muffler design does not use conventional packing materials, and provides a totally un-restrictive exhaust flow for maximum power output. The TSE3 is fully emissions-legal in all 50 states. Construction enhancements include 100% mandrel-bent pipes, TIG-welded seams, and true bolt-on installation (no cutting or welding required). SOUND LEVEL CERTIFICATION Many statutory bodies around the world currently mandate that vehicles comply with stationary exhaust noise tests specifications - Generally based upon the "SAE J1169 Measurement of Light Vehicle Exhaust Sound Level under Stationary Conditions". California and various other states now have legislation that makes exceeding this limit an offense, resulting in a "fix it" ticket and required testing certification. TSE3 has been certified to meet the SAE J1169 sound test for 95dB noise limits. The test involves positioning a type 1, SIA compliant ANSI S1.4 - 1983 noise level meter, specifically as illustrated in the diagram to the left. Positioning is relevant, the tests are extremely specific in their scope and must be conducted under controlled conditions. Power gains Dyno results for the TSE3 show useful increases in mid-range torque and high-end horsepower. Videos: (Due to the size of these videos, it is recommended that you "right click" and select "Save Target As..." to save it on your PC.) 330i Automatic interior - driving at various speeds, accelerating, cruising (6.59MB) (Note gear indicator display in instrument cluster. Compare volume of turn signals, gear selector, and wind noise to in-cabin sound level.) 330i Automatic revving in neutral, windows up and down (5.59MB) 323Ci 5-speed, accelerating away (5.4MB) 323Ci 5-speed exterior "fly by" (3.74MB) 323Ci 5-speed interior, acceleration run (7.96MB) Another UUC Motorwerks first! UUC offered the very first exhaust system for the all 330 / 328 / 325 / 323 models featuring two completely separate exhaust paths for optimum flow and awesome sound. On 328 and 323 models, the car is converted to a true dual exhaust system like the 330 and 325. The basic BMW design of the exhaust manifold and catalytic converters does a really great job muffling all the sound coming out of the motor. But who wants to drive around in an electric golf cart? Other aftermarket exhausts for the E46 3-series are simply rear muffler sections which leave both restrictive sound-deadening and power-robbing resonators in place. Unfortunately for owners of these cars, the result is little more sound than stock, and very little performance gain. The result is power you can feel and a sound that will make you smile. But there's even more that makes the UUC TSE3 special: weight savings: the UUC TSE3 is substantially. lighter than the original exhaust section removed. extra ground clearance: got a lowered car that scrapes the muffler on the ground? The TSE3's silencers sit higher than stock. extra tire clearance: planning on fitting super-wide 255 or even 265 tires? The TSE3 silencers do not intrude into the wheel opening. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ATTENTION TO DETAIL materials: 100% T-304 stainless steel pipe size: twin 2.25" UUC Twin Silencer Exhaust tips are staggered to follow valance line resulting a pleasing appearance. Typical aftermarket exhaust has tips that are even, and do not line up with valance. muffler: twin 5" tips: twin round 3", staggered Corsa "Pro" tips
Manufacturer: UUC