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Description: RED Transmission Mount Bushings with Transmission Mount Enforcers Kit. with Transmission Mount Enforcers Kit. Applications: All E34, E39, E36, E46, and Z3 Now fits E46 330i 6-speed. The most effective, bang-for-the-buck upgrade just got better! In the past, simply using transmission mounts from a 320i provided some benefit when used in late model BMWs. By developing the Tranmission Mount Enforcer (TME), it increases it's effectiveness substantially, without ill effects. Installation is rather painless and the benefits are tremendous. With the overwhelming popularity of our Tranny Mount Enforcers, we decided to improve the system even more. By working with a vibration control company, they have been able to produce a custom vibration mount designed to work specifically with the TME. However, by specifying specific design parameters with the mount, the most effective upgrade just got better. By maintaining the vibration dampening and deflection properties of the 320i mount and incorporating minute changes for use with the TME, you have an upgrade that has no equal! No vibration, no modifications to the car or driveline, no change in height of transmission bushings. Hundreds of drivers from daily driven cars to full blown race cars have gained the benefit of the TME with near elimination transmission movement. Speedvision teams such as TC Kline, Turner Motorsport, and ERT to name a few, have all benefited from the TME. Are you next? The original Tranny Mount Enforcer still remains to be race car tough, street car comfortable! Includes matching, custom made, transmission mount enforcers and this part # is a complete kit.
Manufacturer: UUC