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KO Performance Launches New State of the Art Website - 9/04
  KO Performance Launches New State of the Art Website - 9/2004

KO Performance - State of the Art Website Released

September 25, 2004

KO Performance
launched the long awaited, newly face lifted, state of the art version of our website to the applause of our customers, suppliers, and staff.

The old website, having been the original site launched with the inception of KO Performance in July of 2001, was beginning to no longer meet the needs of our growing customer base and requirements for efficiency from technological advances.

"The growth of KO Performance, coupled with the leaps made in technology and web design between the founding of the company and today, naturally led to needs to change, improve, and take KO to the next level. We have begun implementation of enterprise class technological solutions that will take KO Performance to the forefront of the luxury import performance and oem parts world, and keep us there for the next 25 years."

  John Paul Komasinski
Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer
KO Performance

KO has carved out a large niche in the BMW parts market already, and will be entering the Volkswagen parts, Mercedes Benz, Audi parts, Porsche parts, and Ferrari parts markets over the next year, among others.

Customers can look forward to improved order tracking and status updates, quicker quote times, e-commerce, performance packages, our new toll free number, a wider product offering of the highest quality performance parts in the world, a newsletter with Members Only Specials, and additional full time staff, and more over the coming months.

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